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Football Manager 2024 Essential Addons & Articles

This is a selection of my personal picks for Football Manager 2024 content. It includes files to enhance your FM24 experience and articles to help you succeed.

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FM 2024 Download Area - Football Manager 2024 Essential Addons & Articles
Hi and welcome to my list of great Football Manager 2024 content you should either install or read.

I realize you might not agree with all of my picks, and that's fine. Even though I'm making an effort to avoid any biased picks, it's impossible not to include certain things I really like that may be controversial to some. So please, take my word with a pinch of salt and do some research of your own before choosing a specific addon to download.

And now, without further ado, let's get to it :)

#1 Essential Hack / Addon

Football Manager 2024 Real Names License Fix
Fix fake name of competitions, clubs and awards with their real names in Football Manager 2024.

Best Logo Packs

Footbe Logos 2023-24
Most unique, uniform & great looking logo style ever. A small pack but with all the top leagues covered.

All FM24 Logo Packs

Best Facepacks

Ultra-realistic Newgen Faces
More than 36,500 faces for newgens, available in cut-out and visible kit styles.

DF11 Newgen Facepack 2024
30,000 fictional faces for newgens. Automatic race-intelligence for greater realism. Infinitely to use.

All FM2024 Facepacks

Misc Graphics

Trophies Megapack 2024
More than 1230 real trophies to add in Football Manager 2024 with this pack by DazS8.

Mini Stadiums Superpack 2024
4700 stadium images from 223 nations around the world.

Fez's Enhanced Turf Textures
New enhanced look of grass textures for Football Manager 2024.

Huge Time Savers

Essential FM 2024 Custom Views
A collection of views for 4 different areas in FM 2024, including squad, tactic, scouting & staff search.

FM24 Best Backroom Staff Filters
A comprehensive pack of filters used when searching for backroom staff.

Best Databases

FM24 Leagues Mega Pack by @Timo@
Expand the playable leagues and manage teams in new nations.

FM24 Transfers & Data Update
The best Football Manager 2024 transfer update all-around. Created by pr0 & FMTU.

FM2024 Data Tweaks by SirTavares
Corrected details for players/teams, added missing players/staff. Does NOT include transfer updates.

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Database Insights

Football Manager 2024 Wonderkids
The ultimate guide to discovering all Football Manager 2024 wonderkids with personal recommendation ratings.

FM 2024 Best Free Transfers
Top 400 most notable free agents when starting Football Manager 2024.

FM2024 Top Bargains
Top quality players you can get for a relatively low price in FM24 on the first summer transfer window.

Football Manager 2024 Best Coaches
Hundreds of highly rated coaches in FM 2024 to get you 4, 4.5 & 5 stars in all training areas.

FM 24 Release Clause Bargains
The best players in FM24 who have a release clause equal or marginally close to their asking price.

FM24 Bargain Wonderkids
The best under-21 talents that you can sign without breaking the bank.

Clubs Starting Budgets
Initial transfer and wage budgets for 5 top leagues around the world.

Best Tools

FM Genie Scout 24g
Extend the possibilities of finding, sorting & shortlisting players & staff on Football Manager 2024.

Top Skins

Wannachup Instant Result Skin
Default Football Manager 2024 skin with instant result button.

An elegant and super clean dark skin with emphasis on improving usability.

WorkTheSpace and TCS equals WTCS. Revamped player and club overview screens.

OPZ Elite 2024
A smooth dark skin with several mods put together by OPZ.

What Second Yellow Card considers the best FM Skin, is now back for FM24.

Mustermann Iconic
A pseudo-attributeless skin which completely changes the way you interact with FM.

All FM24 Skins

Other Cool Addons

Audio Match Commentary
Reworked sound files, taken from multiple sources and also real life action.

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  • ivanlim90's avatar
    Nisylro, for Germany, you have to go to your "My Documents/Sports Interactive/data/2400/inc. Delete all the files in the folder Inc. Start a new game

    For faces you can download the df11 facepack
  • Nisylro's avatar
    It's exist a fix for see the faces of national team of France & Holland and for have the real players in Germany national team ?
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